Your Door's Edge

The Safe Door System is a means of reinforcing your doors, frames and locks that increases the security of your home and business against burglary. Independent tests prove a tenfold increase in the strength of your door.

The System sports clean lines and no mechanical parts, making it unobtrusive and physically appealing. It can even be painted to match your existing door, becoming virtually invisible.

 The package includes: a White Paint Grade Finish Channel, a Nickel Strike Plate, clear silicone and all necessary screws.

 How Does It Compare? AIR-INS Inc., an independent testing laboratory, recently tested the Safe Door System against both a competitive system and a door with only a deadbolt. The Safe Door System exceeded the test specification.

Comparative Study (PDF, 1.7 Meg)




Our founder, Jim Griffin, explains how the Safe Door System works and how simple it is to install.

Installation Guide (PDF)

Installation Guide (Video)

Safe Door Systems Brochure (PDF)